Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just a little angry

About 10 weeks ago we went to the Cincinnati fetal care center in hopes of being approved for the utero fetal surgery. Our hopes were crushed when they said it is no longer done except over seas. Then I was reading posts in my support group, Breath of Hope and I kept seeing others talk of fetal surgery. I was confused and asked and then I looked it up for myself and it seems that UCSF is still doing the surgery, boy was I shocked and angered. We wanted the surgery and we were told that we would be candidates (by cincinnati) if they still did the surgery. Well they do the surgery between 26-28 weeks and now it is to late because I am 30 weeks. This surgery could have saved his life, and all I know is that Cincinnati better pray my baby boy will be ok. I know everything happens for a reason, but I think this is just a little ridiculous. Had those doctors told me about UCSF we would have gone in a heartbeat. I feel very angry and hurt right now, and I guess I just need time to cool off.

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j87morrow said...

It seems everything happens for a reason and we were not meant to have the surgery. Whatever God's plan is I am willing to accept it. God knows what he is doing and so far I have had Kaden for 11 days.