Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kaden Is Hanging On!!!!

That medicine I mentioned earlier, the very dangerous, lowers BP,
doctors to not expect to work medicine is helping. Kaden's drainage
tube for his tummy got clogged and yellow regurgitation started
pouring from his mouth and nose. I just kept saying "nurse, nurse" She
sucked so much from his mouth and nose it was unbelievable. His
saturation went from 63 to 73 in a matter of minutes after that.
Kaden's saturation went down to the low 40's briefly and thats when we
discussed taking him off if the meds did not work. Well (another
miracle) the med actually upped his BP a little (never happened before
for anyone) and it is holding him steady at about 68 for saturation.
Kaden is more then a miracle, he is my son. We were even getting ready
to sign partial autopsy forms, and call life bank and do his final
prayer. Dr. Stork said it is not over until the fat lady sings. lol.
His gases actually remained stable, so it gave her some hope which did
for us to. I read that prayer and it was beautiful. Thank you so much.
I am overwhelmed at the responses and my heart is warmed by them.
Thank you. All of the doctors and surgeons just keep telling us they
have never seen a baby fight so hard. Kadens cyanosis has even
improved a little. His whole face is longer blue, and his fingers
really only show blue now. He is so swollen he looks like a bull dog
with both eyes swelled shut. God has humbled the whole NICU staff as
well as myself and family. He is a stubborn little man and I know he
just loves proving Dr. Stork wrong. lol. Kaden does well through the
night, so we will get some sleep to be ready for another rough day.
Please continue to pray for my warrior, my life, my son.


Amy AKA "Baba" said...

Praying for Kaden. He is an inspiration.


Heather and Matt said...

Hi Jamie,

Thank you again for keeping us up to day. We are so excited that the medication is working. We will continue praying for Kaden as well as you and James. Your little Warrior is an inspiration to all.

Betsy Dellinger said... wonderful to wake up to this news this morning. I have been praying for Kaden all night long and hoping against hope that God would allow this medication to help Kaden begin to settle out. I love the fight in Kaden...hang in there!

Heather and Matt said...

Hi Jamie,

Just want you to know that we are thinking you you.