Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Far So Good

Well at 3pm they called me to say that Kaden was successfully clamped & they were going to remove him off of Ecmo. I told them to wait until we got there to do the surgery. I told Kaden this is it, this is his true test, and the largest hurdle of all. I promised everything else would seem small compared to this. I couldn't help but cry, I mean this is it, I could lose him now. No more Ecmo to keep him stable. During the decanulization, Kaden's breathing tubes self extubated. Kaden was so sedated he couldn't breathe and his stats dropped and he had to be resuscitated, again with no chest compressions. They already had the cannulas out and were tying off the vein and artery. One more miracle to add to Kaden's list. He is stable and doing ok. Please Lord let it stay this way. Kaden's strength is amazing and he is my hero. I'm ok as long as he is ok. My little man, he's a warrior. He's defying all odds and If it is God's will, he will continue to do so.


Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

I'm praying hard for Kaden to stay strong!!

Jen Miller

Heather and Matt said...

Jamie and James,

Praise God! Your little Kaden is amazing everyone once again. Thank you so much for the update. We will continue our prayer and lung function chants.

Eva said...

Kaden is a fighter, he will make it. Tell him how much you love him and that it only gets better after this. The pain will end and he won't even remember all of this. Lots of LUNG FUNCTION CHANTS from me and Leo!!

Aep said...

Love the pictures. He is beautiful!! Such a strong little one. We will keep praying for Kaden and all of you!!
Stay strong,